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With multilingual lyrics and a sound ranging from bossa nova to jazz and samba, a night with the DC area band is nothing short of an adventure....The intimacy and truth of the band’s performance is what sets Veronneau apart in the jazz world. 

"Internationally recognized Veronneau has lit up the jazz world with its love of powerful melodies, heartfelt interpretations of jazz music and intimate shows. The four-piece band is led by Lynn Veronneau, a classically trained singer who has performed throughout the United States and around the world. The band performs a delicious blend of sounds including jazz, samba, bossa-nova and swing"

Veronneau's Snow Time is a richly textured, finely balanced jazz album. Ken Avis's and David Rosenblatt's guitars lock beautifully...showcasing the unstrained, unaffected purity of Veronneau's voice. Plain fun...thats the vibe this talented quintet exudes.

Baltimore Jazz Alliance (Jan 10, 2015)

"As summer concert season rolls in there's one band whose music seems perfect for a relaxed afternoon, escaping your worries under the sun. Veronneau's music engages a sort of sundry nostalgia, pulling together the sounds of 1960's Brazilian beaches with old film sets on the Riviera...."  

"The music was just so perfectly soothing on a warm, summer night. They ended with a lively and unique rendition of the much over-worked "Brazil," but it was the perfect ending anthem for a very entertaining evening. A lot of Jazz musicians play Bossa Nova/Samba standards, but Veronneau has the strength to stand on its own and they owe their allegiance to no one".

The powerful and sweet voice of Lynn Veronneau, the accurate and deeply felt interpretation of the guitar players Ken Avis and David Rosenblatt, and the musical richness of the guest musicians make each of the songs on this album a tribute to Brazilian music - 4 Stars!

Along with Esperanza Spalding and Gretchen Palato...Veronneau should be added to the list of musicians who've taken on the bossa nova genre with such a unique charm. 

- The Sampler (Jan 23, 2013)

Veronneau not only captures the spirit of Jazz Samba but also of the period that followed....a cushion of sound that invites the listener into a New York coffee shop in the early 60's, her silky voice and relaxed delivery draw us in. (Best Jazz CD's of 2012 list) 

Considering that Stan Getz'sJazz Samba, the breakthrough bossa-nova recording, was made in D.C., there's an alarming shortage of good bossa nova here. That's what gives such high value to the quartet Véronneau....they bring in quite a bit of exotica, including Gypsy swing and other world-jazz aesthetics....nevertheless, bossa remains their specialty, and for good reason: They have a beautiful feel for it, especially in their rhythmic instincts.

Mike West - Washington City Paper (Nov 29, 2012)

Every track on the albums manages to sound uniquely crafted and is expertly performed. Eclectic and refreshingly energetic, “Jazz Samba Project” is enjoyable and musically impressive; style and substance combined. The best bossa nova album of 2012.

- BNova Music (Dec 1, 2012)

I listened to this record perhaps ten times and for me it's one of the more addictive samba recordings released in the last several years....Welcome to the land of rhythm and groove as this is the music you feel in your hips and hear with your feet. This quartet is on point every step of the way...Veronneau is the jazz vocal version of the sexy little black dress. 5 Stars!

Sensual and emotional vocals...graceful yet plucky guitars...and smokey cool sax

Jonathan Widran - Wine and Jazz (Aug 15, 2012)

You can feel the high level of creative interpretation by this small band...they pay a wonderful tribute to the most representative of Brazilian music. 

Subtle bossa nova beats, lightly strummed guitars, seductive horn work and attractive vocals are served up in a sensitive fashion in this highly enjoyable program. While Brazilian jazz has become more buoyant and boastful over the years, Veronneau's version harkens back to a time when less-is-more delivery and dynamic sensitivity were key elements in the architectural design of the music. This band clearly understands the nature of Jazz Samba and honors that classic recording through its own fine work. 

Lynn Veronneau's vocals are longing, sensual, soft, sad, happy and layered within the samba rhythm and jazz element. She sings in Portuegese on "E Luxo So", French on the beautiful "Samba Saravah" and "Autumn Leaves" and in English. All of the songs are absolutely beautiful and the arrangements are stellar...this is Jazz Samba at its best. Buy Veronneau's Jazz Samba Project today. 

A sexy, cool set of Brazil flavor jazz. Veronneau's vocal has all the right timbre and touch, while the band makes you feel like their playing on a beach in Rio....a great and fitting celebration of a momentous musical event.  

- The Jazz Page (Jul 13, 2012)

Veronneau has cut to the spiritual centre of Getz and Byrd’s classic Jazz Samba. This Jazz Samba Project is no measly imitation; it is a poignant, exquisite step along the same path set by the masters back in a church in 1962.

 What makes “Jazz Samba Project” by Veronneau stand out from the crowd? First, there is the sensual voice of Quebec native Lynn Veronneau

A lovely atmospheric project that celebrates 50 years of bossa nova. I'm all for it!

Everything about the band communicates warmth and intimacy.

Lynn Veronneau's vocals are truly from heaven. Ken Avis and David Rosenblatt on guitar worked magic that is rarely heard. Pete Walby on drums added the perfect touch. The chemistry among these beautiful artists is something from a dream. They're incredible. 

Trish Hennessey - Hybrid Jazz - live show review (Feb 27, 2012)

Ambient sound, chamber mood and soothing vocals are the ingredients for Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living) (Véronneau Music, 2011) by Vé eclectic set of 10 songs that range from French music, to a cover of a Beatles song, a classic by American composers and a taste of Brazil....Véronneau’s voice is rich, like an alto flute. 

To swim against the tide and imagine life is joyous and thes joyous and the world a place of happiness. Why not? Especially when just a song is enough to soothe all the pain. For French Canadian, Lynn Veronneau, all is clear. Like her voice, clear as a crystal spring and seductive as peaceful, calm waters.

Her bands enthusiasm is delivered through their revival of timeless standards. David Rosenblatt, classically trained in Brazil, is melodic and precise, his harmonies adding refinement to the music. The rhythm guitar of Ken Avis and the gentle drumming of Pete Walby complement and support the music of the band. British violinist Dave Kline adds color and a romantic, expressionist gypsy touch.

Their sound ranges from the music of Trenet's La Mer, with its savoir-faire of la-pumpe to the Gentle Rain of Luis Bonfa. From a successful and impressive reworking of For No One by the Beatles to the timeless 'suadade' of Jobim's Corcovado and One Note Samba.

There is also the pure, simple entertainment of Barrosa's Brazil. Let's enjoy the music as it is without over-analysis. The arrangements have a sweetness, at times hard, at times soft, carefree and smiling. In these 36 minutes of music we have a refuge against the reality of of life and a little color and enjoyment.

Pure and simple - Joie de Vivre must be enjoyed for what it is. The delicate Cielito Lindo shows us a refuge from the dark and barely 'Blue Skies' of reality.

(3.5 stars)

Virginia-based Véronneau draws its name from its tremendous lead French-Canadian singer Lynn Véronneau, who posses a beautifully-haunting, resonant voice....The group artfully weaves through a cross-section of tunes, from Brazilian to traditional and pop standards, from the likes of Lennon and McCartney, Lerner & Lowe, Luis Bonfa and Jobim, doing so with the telepathy of a group of musicians who’ve worked together for many years. Violinist David Kline and saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk make terrific guest appearances on several tracks. This is a band to watch for, listen for and very much enjoy

- The Jazz Page (Oct 4, 2011)

"From gypsy jazz to samba" provides a description of musical tastes of Veronneau. With a bunch of gypsy jazz around these days it's nice to hear the songs sung as well. Lynn Veronneau is the lead singer (and whistler). Her ensemble's music is relaxed and well played....It's hard not to like this many old favorites sung so well and produced so gently.

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